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Lima has a quick, humorous wit, which keeps family home life with her husband and three children in a constant state of laughter and banter. Lima was born in Western Samoa, raised in South Auckland, New Zealand and now lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. Lima and her husband Craig played integral roles in pioneering a program to transform the lives of sexually exploited women, through rehabilitation and restoration back into the community. Lima has currently taken up a permanent spot in the corner booth of Starbucks and hopes to get a lifetime special of "Buy one, Get one Free."
When I originally started to jot down my learnings and life experiences, it never occurred to me that I would then go onto to write a book. I had used a number of excuses to stop me from really accessing the true value of my life's story. After my husband and I had taken on the roles of pioneering a home for sexually exploited women in Indonesia. I realised that in order to create a heart connection with the communities, organisations and the girls that we were going to be rescuing, I needed to share my story with them. However we needed to speak with our children first. The conversation that we had with our kids, was not what I had expected and it revealed to me an important lesson, that I undervalued the power of my story. With tears rolling down their faces, my 15 year old son, stood up and walked towards me put his hand on my shoulder and reminded me of their love and validation of me, reminding me that I had a place to belong. In my sharing I added value to my family. This was a very powerful moment for me. I realised that I had a story that needed to be told. One that I believe will add value to others on their own journey. I found the purpose in my pain. 
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