Every Little Bit Helps


One of the things dear to my heart is creating opportunities and moments to be able to give back for myself and others. 

As a survivor of domestic violence, one of these ways is to become an advocate for the Pacific Islands Women's Refuge, which is based in South Auckland. This is an organisation that is doing amazing things in there community. The team is made up of three paid staff and the rest are volunteers, who give of themselves to create a space and environment that fosters care and safety for all it's residents, who are women and children of domestic violence. 

Pacific Islands Womens Refuge

The team leaders on the left, are a dynamic mother and daughter team - Ani Vahuia and Tania Petelo. Combined these two selfless individuals have been with the refuge now for 39 years. 

This dedicated team, work tirelessly around the clock, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Providing families with temporary accommodation, services, resources and assistance in transitioning them into a safer future. 

Currently their residence can house up to five families at a time. A number that at times has proven to be too low to meet the high demands, especially through the holiday seasons. Due to this teams compassion towards the women and children they serve, turning away families is not an option. 

This particular refuge and many others across New Zealand are hugely underfunded and resourced, leaving many of the the teams and volunteers giving from their own pockets. 

Due to the high occupancy rate, it would be fair to say that everyday furniture would eventually start to show signs of wearing out. One of the small, yet practical ways that I want to offer my support, is ensuring that the home and team and residence have less thing to worry about. So I am actively reaching out to organisations and individuals to help give towards much needed furniture items in the home that need to be renewed.  

At this stage the home is need of new bed bunks and a heavy duty, coin operated washing machine. 

If you would like to give towards this great cause, please make deposits into the following account. Please use your name as the ref and the item you are donating towards. Once you have made a deposit please email me with confirmation - lima@gracebroughtmehere.com 

PSIS : 02-1246-0237002-03