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Our organisation were privileged to have Lima Hansen as a keynote speaker at the launch of our child sexual abuse prevention and mitigation training programme in Auckland which featured other international speakers. The event was attended by various specialist in the health and social services fields who deal with trauma everyday with their clients. Despite her petite stature, Limas presentation left a mammoth impression among the audience with barely a dry eye in the room. Her careful balance of humour, weaved in with the fear and every other emotion you could think of took us into the reality of what many victims of domestic violence including sexual violence go through. Unlike the many casualties we see, Limas personal journey brings hope. Hope that for many of us find impossible. Lima is not only an amazing speaker but humanitarian, hero and inspiration for many survivors. I would highly recommend her not only as a public speaker for events but as a speaker at staff professional development training as part of health, safety and wellbeing policy given the fact domestic violence is a huge economic issue that impacts everyone and can be prevented.

Akerei Marasela-Thomson - Co - Founder & CEO of Trust MYRIVR, White Ribbon Ambassador 

Lima is powerful in every way, her story and presence is a testament to this. Her journey is hers, however it is relatable to so many others. It is important to understand there can be love, healing & connection. Lima shares, presents and speaks with strength, humour and humility. You are a true reflection of grace, love and mana. 

Shae Waenga (Tauranga Womens Refuge) & Wikitoria Nuku (Tauranga Living Without Violence)

Listening to Lima’s speak was very raw, confronting and in its ugliness, she had this amazing ability to project this empowered and resilient woman. She carried herself with such grace and peace in her presence. It was easy to be lured in when she began speaking, offering a safe space and made you feel like you were the only one in the room. I admire her courage to share her story. 

Tui Peterson-Eliu - Legacy Young Adults Conference

Thank you for attending and being a guest speaker at our 1st MYRIVR and Stop the Silence child sexual abuse programme delivered in New Zealand in December 2018. I must commend you for opening up and sharing your personal story with the group. The way you communicated and interacted with the audience was heart felt. It was moving and listening to your story made me think about life and how things can change so quickly. The audience was so touched by your story. You managed to actually take them on your journey about your life and the reply back from the audience to sing a samoan song in return of support for you was overwhelming for me, it was an a honour to be part of the group.

Elia Chan - Managing Director at MYRIVR Limited 

Lima  captured the eyes of her audience and made us feel as comfortable as possible. This also made the audience, including myself visually see and understand her stories, she really took us on a journey through her life-changing moments and how, with God, she was becoming victorious over what should've turned out be hopeless. I could see that the topic was relatable to most of us because we would agree on some of the choices made, choices we regret along the way.  I was leaning in to hear some more; I was drawn to know more of this very genuine and heartfelt story of hope. Truly an inspirational journey of perseverance and forgiveness that it motivated me to see past the past and tackle every obstacle for a better future.

Basileia Muliaga - Legacy Young Adults Conference