The Tipping Point - When to let go of family, and the real implications on your heart

JaNay Evans attended college in the Seattle area. Before meeting her husband of 11 years. She worked with behaviorally and emotionally disturbed youth before starting her role in ministry as a Youth Director for a local church in California. 

JaNay, her husband Alex, and their two children Cass and Cree, later moved to Jakarta, Indonesia to take on a new role as the Worship Director, where she has grown her capacity as a leader and a very talented music writer. Her music inspires and brings a fresh and welcome addition to the weekly song lineups at The Collective Church. She has also taken up the hobby of script writing to pass the time.
JaNay is considered by most as a fashion muse, with her cutting-edge trends and styling tidbits.
Her tenacious commitment to her faith has led many to discover their own faith in God. You will likely never find rice in any of her meals ( hard to do, when you live in Asia), however, if you are looking to bribe her, hearty pumpkin soup will do it.