What I Found When I Looked Up - Tay Ah-You

I am of Pacific Island decent. I come from a family of 5. I grew up in South Auckland, New Zealand and now currently living in Brisbane Australia with my husband, 4 kids and baby number five on the way. In 2009 I lost my 2year old son Tyreece to a tragic accident and I spent a great deal of time, working through the grief of that loss. 
I realised that his birth represented my worth in this world and when he passed away, I felt that worth stripped from me. 
After much healing. I discovered where my true worth came from and it unlocked a part of me in the grieving process that I had not yet known. 
I love being a mum and enjoy finding ways to provide for those less fortunate and will be launching a business Hope Treasures, that will source donated items and give them away for free to those in need. 

Please note that as a result of the technical difficulties we faced during our live, we opted to record a seperate recording covering the same topic from the The Pink Chair Chat.